Al Munabbihat

Al Munabbihat

Al Munabbihat: Counsel of Sixes #12 – Ustadh Mahmud A. Kürkçü (27 Sep 2011)

**Al Munabbihat Counsel of Sixes #12**

This lecture series is based on the book "Al Munabbihaat ‘Alaa al-Isti‘daadi li yawmi al-Ma‘aadi Li al-Nushi wa al-Widadi" by the great scholar Haafiz Ibn Hajar al-‘Asqalaani.

Originally written in Arabic, this little work has remained unknown to the English-language reader. A collection of sayings and admonitions by Prophet Muhammad, other prophets of Islam, companions and great scholars of Islam, this lecture series serves as an added reminder to the reader of his/her responsibilities as a Muslim.

Delivered by Ustadh Mahmud A. Kürkçü of Young Muslims of Australia (YMA), this lecture series helps to reflect deeply on these wise sayings and heed these counsels within the contemporary context, infusing believers with the requisite awareness and fervour to being better Muslims in their daily lives.
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